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Bhutan Adventure With Professional Travel Guide – Bhutan Travel Packages 2019

Essentially promoted as a cultural destination, adventure tourism is a relatively new area for Bhutan that is gaining rapid popularity.

Bhutan’s rugged Himalayan landscape offers exciting opportunities for adventure sports. The choice is wide from trekking, kayaking, river rafting, mountain biking, fishing, rock climbing, to motorcycle expeditions.

Travel Packages 2019

Best Bhutan Travel Packages 2019

Bhutan truly offers a special experience for those seeking adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment. So if you are looking for a unique time outdoors the Bhutan adventure travel package or adventure Bhutan travel package could be what you are looking for.

As the least urbanized nation in the world and with more than two-thirds of the country under forest cover Bhutan is a natural paradise and a trekker’s dream. There numerous Bhutan trekking packages 2019 to choose from that vary from two days to a week to a month. One of the popular short treks is four-day druk path that takes you from Paro valley to Thimphu crossing a pass with spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks following the ancient walking trail.

The snowman trek, billed as one of the toughest treks in the Himalayas, last for about a month and crosses five mountain passes over 5,000 meters high. This grueling excursion challenges even the most seasoned and professional trekkers.

Trekking in Bhutan is challenging so physical fitness and acclimatization to the Himalayan heights and thin air is a must before embarking on a trek. All treks are guided and accommodation is in tents at designated spots with cooked meals and water. Pack animals carry gear and luggage and emergency helicopter evacuations are required for all treks. Book your adventure trekking holidays with

Most of Bhutan’s snow-fed rivers have been coursed graded by professionals for rafting and kayaking. Bhutan’s rivers, which flow in a north-south direction toward the Indian plains have stretches suitable for the novice to the professional. Professionals guide all rafting and kayaking trips and all gear are checked for safety standards.

Mountain biking has grown into a popular past time in recent years, which has resulted in the development of numerous trails that go deep into the rural areas and through pristine stretches of forest. Mountain biking excursions can also be organized which go across the country go on and off the national highway. September is the month when The tour of dragon mountain bike race is held, considered to be the most grueling one-day bike race that is 268 km and goes over four passes. In 2016 a Canadian won the race that starts at 2 am in the morning.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiasts Bhutan provides an exciting ride with its numerous hairpin bend highways that snake along the rugged landscape. Bikers generally ride into Bhutan from the Indian border at the southern foothills and exit from the eastern end traversing the entire length of the country.


10 Tips For A Greener Skiing Holiday

If you are planning to glide through the snow on some of the snowy peaks of Europe, here are 10 easy-to-follow practical tips to make your ski holiday a little greener and help preserve these fantastic white mountains for future generations!

1. Get on the mountain by train or bus to avoid excessive fuel consumption

2. Get informed before deciding which ski resort you want to go to. We recommend that you choose one of the 80 French stations or the 10 international stations that participate in the operation “ecological guide of the ski resorts” and that they are committed to adopt ecological practices for a sustainable tourism.

3. Rent your ski equipment instead of buying a new one, with the aim of promoting a better use of natural resources and energy.

4. Uses ecological sun protection products: they do not contain toxic filters and are better for your skin and the environment.

5. Choose a well-insulated accommodation (to avoid spending a fortune on heating) and have an effective recycling system.

6. At times when the bus is not in motion, during waiting before departure or upon arrival, ask drivers to stop the engine (to avoid pollution free of charge!).

7. Opt for branded ski equipment committed to sustainable development . Choose companies that offer elaborate microfiber products that use bamboo or FSC certified wood, or brands that dedicate a portion of their money to protecting the environment.

8. Avoid distancing yourself from the runway area. A massive visit of isolated and natural tourists to the area can jeopardize the ecosystem, threaten protected species and may even jeopardize their own safety due to the falling snow-weighted trees.

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9. Do not leave trash on the tracks . Do you have a used tissue or an empty package? Keep it in your pocket until you find a container for it!

10. Recycle your used ski equipment . Every year, 1,500 tons of non-recyclable skis (with synthetic resin compounds) are dumped, as well as equipment made from toxic materials. It is preferable that if you no longer use these objects, give them to associations or try to sell them in stores or pages with second-hand products. There is always a buyer for ski equipment!

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7 Tips for Making a Cheap Trip

Traveling is a unique experience capable of adding knowledge, culture, good times and fun for those who have this opportunity. But going out there knowing places has a cost. The big mistake is to think that every trip involves a lot of money.

If planning and saving in advance are important steps, but in addition, knowing how to spend your valuable money is essential to enjoy a ride without breaking the budget. Traveling is a great way to rest, learn more and you do not have to give up! The secret, revealed below, is to take the right steps to take an economic trip.

1. Do It Yourself
Finding a travel agency for your travels is not a good request to save money . Every service offered there are fees that you are unaware of, not to mention that you will have fewer options available when it comes to lodging or transportation.

2. Set the destination
Of course, there are cities with higher costs than others. If you have already set a maximum amount for your expenses, avoid high-profile itineraries where any meal or outlet is too expensive.

To help you make the right choice, you can guide yourself through lists such as the one published annually by TripAdvisor of international and national destinations or by the tips of the Price of Travel website , which provides values ​​of basic services (lodging, meal, transportation and others) in various world.

3. Buy the tickets in advance
Plan to buy roundtrip tickets well in advance, especially international ones (at least 3 months before). So you will be able to compare prices between companies.

And stay tuned for the mileage program on your credit card. If you frequently use this method of payment, you may have accrued a fair amount of miles, just check with your carrier. Maybe you can trade for a ticket and not spend anything?

4. Look for references
If you have acquaintances who have already traveled to the chosen destination, talk to them to know good options of tours, lodging, restaurants and local means of transportation. Also be sure to ask about what is bad or not at a good cost. This helps you not only stay in the online references, sometimes controversial.

But if you do not know anyone who went to the chosen destination, check the best references. Among them are sites like TripAdvisor , Traveler’s Apprentice , Thousand Travels , Backpackers and several more specific blog sites, which you can find in lists like this .

5. Look for a simple lodging
Staying in hotels with several services is great, but the card-carrying traveler, the one who wants to explore the place where he is, chooses cheaper options since the time spent in accommodation is small. A bed, in a clean place, with hot shower, wi-fi and good location is enough already.

When budget is not the largest, accommodation options are the hostels, where usually rooms and bathrooms are communal, and BnBs (bed and breakfast) in family homes.

You can still sign up for one of these home exchange sites, like HomeExchange , HomeLink , Intervac and many others. In this system, you stay for free at someone’s house while they stay at your house or pay a small fee for the exchange site, about R $ 150.00. After registering on the site and finding interested in the exchange, you talk and define everything on your own, without intervention of the site.

6. Be aware of the menu
One of the most expensive items of a trip is the food. Rest assured that most of the restaurants listed in the travel guides and recommendations are not very cheap there after all, they are quite requested by the tourists. But you can eat like a local and save a lot! Just research a little about the routine of the place, discover popular gastronomic addresses where the food is good, made with fresh ingredients and cheap. And, if your lodging allows, you can still cook and enjoy to know the fairs and markets of the region.

7. Attention to fees
If you are traveling abroad, it is important to remember to check the exchange rates, withdrawals and the use of the card. With a little planning you can predict how much you will spend to use your money out there, after all, these values ​​will also go into your spending .

Generally credit cards have higher rates compared to international travel cards. This last option allows you to insert credits and spend at your destination, already converted into the local currency and without change of the exchange (worth the amount fixed on the day of recharge).

After planning your trip and defining how much it will be spent, do not forget that unforeseen events can happen, so do not take the exact amount of money and always have a reservation in case you need it. It’s still important that you write down your spending so you do not get out of the budget. With these simple measures you can enjoy an excellent trip spending less.


7 Alternative Skiing Destinations

The new snow and ski season is about to begin. The lanes are ready to open doors. This year do you want to change your destination? Have you been several times in Baqueira Beret or in the Sierra Nevada or are you tired of skiing in the Pyrenees ?

For novices as well as for the more experienced, if you are looking for an alternative to the main ski spots , take a look at the following destinations from around the world that we have selected. All the proposals have something out of the ordinary to make your trip to the snow , a trip to never forget.

1. Hakuba Valley, Japan
In addition to being the original salt route, Hakuba is a village that has 10 ski resorts around the Alps, north of Japan. Here the 1998 Winter Olympics were held, and has very high peaks, more than 200 pistes and excellent dining options. But if you do not want to glide through its mountains, you can visit the Jigokudani Monkey Park, which is very close. Here you can find the friendly snow monkeys who spend their days swimming in the thermal waters … what a peaceful life!

2. Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
We bet you never imagined that the “Mormon” capital could offer such well equipped ski centers, affordable and unrivaled beauty … Salta Lake City & Park has 7 resorts at one hour from the nearest airport. In addition, you have the possibility to enjoy many other activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, sledding or air ballooning. And if all these activities do not arrive, you can always go for a stroll through the university city known for its nightlife …

3. Lyngen Alps, Norway
If you are planning to visit Norway, you can ski in the Lyngen Alps. Spend a day skiing in the peninsula and then relax fishing in the Fjords. The picturesque Lyngen Lodge offers spectacular views of the mountains and a host of very tempting winter activities, such as sledding or glacier trekking. Between January and February you can still see the aurora borealis. A lot of nature that you can not miss …

4. Oukaimeden, Morocco
Booking a flight to Morocco usually means heat, deserts, but did you know that you can ski too? True, the Atlas snow mountains are heavily visited, but you can live a different experience. Firstly, the slopes are much cheaper than in the Alps and with much less people. You can stay in a characteristic village around you and you can even move about as an ass.

5. Transylvania, Romania
Count Dracula must have been an excellent skier, since his hometown is white by now. Transylvania is full of excellent ski resorts. The best known, Poiana Brasov, is really cheap compared to most resorts in France, Italy and some Spanish. There, in the Postavaru Massif, snow is present for 120 days a year. There are many good quality restaurants and hotels, such as the House of Dracula, in addition to the architecture worthy of gothic and vampire tales.

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6. Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck, home of the Winter Olympics in 1964 and 1976, is a city that lies in the valley between the Nordkette, Patscherkofel and Serles mountains that are worth visiting. Let yourself be dazzled by sites such as the Golden Roof and Ambras Castle before heading out to the ski slopes. The Stubai Valley is a huge glacier where you can even ski during the summer!

7. Gulmarg, Kashmir
It was one of the favorite destinations of Europeans who had lived in India for some decades. Gulmarg is now a popular ski resort located between the Himalayas on the border of Kashmir and Pakistan, whose area is guarded by soldiers. But that does not stop thousands of people from traveling annually to enjoy the snow and the tranquility of the mountains. Off-piste rides with the friendly local monkeys will make your trip a unique experience.

Have you ever been to any of these sites? Do you know other alternative places to enjoy the winter holidays? Leave your comment …



Climate In Vietnam And When To Go

As Vietnam is a long country, it experiences different climates at the same time of year. But, as a general rule, the climate is conditioned by two monsoons.

When is the best time to visit Vietnam?

The winter monsoon comes from the Northeast, between October and March, bringing cold and humidity to the northern parts of the country, and hot temperatures and a dry climate to the south.

The summer monsoon, from April / May until October, brings a hot and humid climate to the whole country, except in the mountainous areas.

In my opinion, to ensure a better climate balance throughout the whole country, the months of April / May or October are the best to travel in Vietnam.

To see the current weather in Vietnam, click on Weather in Vietnam .

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How To Travel More In 2018 Without Spending Too Much – Practical Tips

When the year is over, it’s time to make the famous little list with everything we want for the next 365 days. Of course trips are always among our main desires . So, let’s give some tips on how to travel more in 2018 without spending much to help in planning who wants to run India and the world in the new year.


Get Started
It is not always easy to schedule, but for those who want to travel more in 2018 without spending too much, this is one of the main tips. If so, start the year by scheduling the vacation date . Knowing the day of travel in advance makes it easier to keep pace with ticket prices and also get good hotel deals.


Of course in holidays traveling is always more expensive because, depending on the location, it is peak season. In any case, try to find out which holidays you will enjoy . To help you, we’ve listed all the holidays of the year . The good news is that several will amend. Therefore, the chance to travel is greater. Knowing this, start looking for the tickets and hotels as soon as possible. The closer the holiday, the more expensive your trip will be. Another tip is to travel to places that are not holidays in those days .

Ihh! That’s how to get confused, right? In the previous topics, I said that the ideal is if programs, but now I’m talking about having open dates. Since most people work in a normal company, it is best to try to schedule them to pay less to travel, as we said earlier. However, if you have multiple dates open during the year, it is very easy to economize . Promotions come with no specific date and destination right, so it’s easier to combine some offer with your dates than to have a specific date and stay hoping to be lucky enough to find a promotion well for that day.

Of course it’s great to travel to the hot spots, but try to go against the tide and discover places that are less talked about . India and the world have many incredible destinations to meet. So, allow yourself to find places that are more important to travel than going to the best-sellers.

I know that sometimes it gives you laziness just thinking about the miles, but one of the best tips on how to travel more in 2018 without spending a lot is just learning how to manage your miles . When traveling, never forget to sign up for the airline’s loyalty program or give them your number . When shopping at any store or site, ask if the value of the product generates miles . Even taxi companies and private cars give miles. Also, be sure to check with your credit card how your score goes . If you are a person who knows how to control your spending well, you often choose to use your credit card to earn miles . Ahh! And keep an eye on them not to win and you lose everything.

There are people who have always asked me how I travel so much . And this since before the blog came up. It’s simple. They are priorities . What is your priority? A wardrobe full of new items every month? A new car in the garage? Have lunch and dinner out every week in the best restaurants in town? It’s all about organizing. If your priority is to travel, then remember that whenever you buy new clothes, for example.It is not to let live the everyday to travel a few days a year. But instead of having lunch and dinner out every week, for example, do this twice a month. Instead of buying new clothes every month, buy every two months. And there goes … But also remember that it is not worth depriving yourself of everything to travel only a few days of the year. We have to pool to try to have quality of life always.

One tip of how to travel more in 2018 without spending so much is to try to save a little bit of money every month to make some bigger trip . Nothing worse than a trip back full of debt. The ideal is to arrive on the day of the trip with everything paid and when to return already start to plan the next one. So try to save money slowly so you can use it during your trip . When we do that, we expect the trip to motivate us. If we leave for after the trip, we have gone and returned, the commitment to save money will be lower.

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